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Dec 5, 2017

People or systems? I learned and adopted systems-thinking early in my career and I've trusted this approach AND I'm not prepared to throw it out, just yet. BUT, I think it is worth questioning how to  regularly evaluate and adapt to ensure the usefulness/relevance of any system.

As I've worked with leaders I still apply the power and influence of systems, as a general practice. WHY? BECAUSE systems are important to moving performance, applying insights from big data, and reducing the blinders related to human bias. AND YET....I am becoming more focused on the importance of character and courage in individual people when established systems - this is the way we do it around here - fail us or generate a toxic culture.

As I have often said, for years: "When systems serve us they are great - when we serve systems we can lose our way." Checks and balances, courageous leaders, whistle-blowers, and each and every individual willing to risk their future and their comfort to speak up against that which is unfair or inappropriate (OR WORSE) in the workplace, government or society REGARDLESS of what system they are "taking down" is ensuring the systems we adopt SERVE US ALL.

What about your culture? What happens when people (anyone) challenges a system, process or favourite approach? AND if no one does (because those special people are rare) do you have a rigorous and regular approach to test out whether current approaches are still working as intended FOR EVERYONE?! 

A couple of links

  1. My Linked-In post called Why Do some Men Still Think Its Okay for Boys to be Boys? as mentioned in today's episode
  2. Since the actual story I reference in the episode was included in a different post "Who's the Injured Party when Sexual Harassment in the Workplace goes Unchecked?"
  3. An article I wrote in October that goes a bit further than the one I mention in the episode - Change the Equilibrium 

This week's tip: While using systems to free up energy and unleash cognitive abilities is wise, NEVER get too comfortable with any system. Being open to assessing even your most favored system and welcoming criticism about it, will help you be sure the systems will continue to serve you and your desire for a happy healthy work culture and the outcomes you seek.

Next week's WQT (Winter Quick Tip); the Hint:  do you accept NO when you hear it or does NO mean "Convince Me!"

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