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Jun 10, 2016

 "Our Current Problems will not be solved at the level of thinking with which they were created." Albert Einstein

If you need to solve problems - and every leader does - you need to open yourself up to a broader way of thinking.

What are you doing to challenge your thinking?

How are you ensuring your thinking is constantly expanding?

Most senior leaders get stuck in "ways of being", "ways of thinking" and "ways of doing" and it just won't do.  It won't serve you or your organization very well.

How could you get comfortable being uncomfortable so you are constantly growing and expanding your ability to "take it up a level"?

The blog post offers supporting documentation including a review of how I am playing with and working on some habits I have chosen to explore a few habits more deeply throughout the series. I invite you to join me on the journey of discovery.

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A special thanks to all my regular listeners and those of you who are generous with your feedback and ideas.

Thanks again to Greg and Rob for the Kickass Koach theme and bridge music.

Next Time: We bring it all together discussing how habits infiltrate and impact systems - Systemic or Collective Habits

Don’t miss it….and Until next Friday, Make it a kickass week!