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Hosted by Roxanne "Rox" Bartel, this podcast uses stories and reflection questions to support deeper thinking and exploration for listeners.

Rox walks with her clients, helping them contribute more and expand their influence, while enjoying the journey as they uncover patterns and habits that impede or inspire the future they seek. Her focus is on expanding awareness - self-awareness - and a deeper understanding of our impact in and on the world.

In 2021 she is focusing on resilience; why, how and what to do to expand it so we can make the most of the post-pandemic world we crave. 

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Dec 26, 2016

Where and when does gender violence or abuse of power begin? 

While the BIG WHY is clear: to eradicate violence against women and girls - the questions remain:

  1. what if men got fully engaged in the solution?
  2. where to start?
  3. what's the root cause?
  4. where are the opportunities to intervene and flip the story?
  5. how can we do little things to make a big difference?

I have many more questions and I suspect you do too. I look forward to exploring them as part of this initiative. Developing micro/community based experiments and sharing our learning across this country seems like a great place to start. I'm inviting anyone who wants to be part of the solution to join me for a series of conversations.

In today's episode I share a very personal story of past pain and recent insight. My discovery is from a part of the story I least expected to ever become meaningful: the loving guy who wanted to help but agreed to hide in the car.

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I'll be writing a post to accompany both this episode and the next and you will be able to find it on my LinkedIn profile and in the notes for next week's episode.

Next Week:  It's the 2nd part of my personal reflections in preparation for kicking off the Passion Initiative in January.

The Purpose of the Passion Initiative: to eradicate violence against women and girls in Canada... find us on twitter: evawCAN

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