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Mar 27, 2017

The more you accept opportunities and challenges in leadership, the more likely you will find yourself confronting your shadow. It will chase you until you are prepared to face it head on. 

The trick is to learn how to keep it close without being entangled by it. 

Today we define the Shadow AND I share a client's, we call her Rhoda, story about losing the trust of her team and falling prey to the shadow's demand for secrecy and the savior complex.

No post this week but next week there will be a new one with a combined look at Episodes 091 and 092. This week I will have a separate post where I will explore the dreaded Employee Satisfaction Survey and the painful 360 review and how they can take a leader and an entire organization deeply into the collective shadow. Connect with me and watch for it. To connect with me, here's my LINKEDIN PROFILE  Let's connect.

NEXT TIME:  We'll go back to Rhoda's story and see how she pulled herself out of the mess of her shadow's making and the nuggets of learning you can find when you can befriend (at arms length) your shadow.

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