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Hosted by Roxanne "Rox" Bartel, this podcast uses stories and reflection questions to support deeper thinking and exploration for listeners.

Rox walks with her clients, helping them contribute more and expand their influence, while enjoying the journey as they uncover patterns and habits that impede or inspire the future they seek. Her focus is on expanding awareness - self-awareness - and a deeper understanding of our impact in and on the world.

In 2021 she is focusing on resilience; why, how and what to do to expand it so we can make the most of the post-pandemic world we crave. 

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Feb 19, 2018

A leader's success often comes down to how you work in the margins, on the edges. The edge is very nuanced and requires that you get comfortable holding thoughts that at first glance appear to conflict.

While I use a #MeToo type example in the episode, I will share a very different one here. As a leader I needed to appreciate the importance of my team and my department being aligned so they are "pulling in the same direction" and supporting each other's efforts AND at the same time I need to welcome conflict and disagreement that will help us catch possible opportunities or potential problem as we plan or or act on the plan. Creating connection and a collaborative spirit while inviting and sometimes provoking conflict or diversity of thought is often difficult for leaders to balance. The great ones get it - even through the discomfort and even dissonance it can generate. 

This week's Quick Tip: Engaging with nuance is effortful and it will require courage, openness, compassion and perspective from you, the leader, as you examine the major issues of the day like the cultures of our workplace and society will result in acceptance of our nuances as we navigate the messiness of engaging with each other.

Next week's WQT (Winter Quick Tip); the Hint: if your brain is disrupting your performance and behavior, do you want to know about it and why?

Hey while you're here, learn a bit about the new course I've developed called it takes Grit. I've contracted to deliver the basics of this course at a few professional conferences and professional associations in 2017 and 2018 and I plan to deliver the course in both classroom environments and on-line starting in late 2018.

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When Google fired James Damore, they may have missed a great opportunity to have a constructive and meaningful conversation. Maybe if we start listening to each other we will find more common ground and work through the conflicts that are tearing us apart.

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