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Jun 11, 2018

Leaning into vulnerability goes against everything your brain is instructing you to do! So why is it preferable if you want people to trust you?

Recently, when delivering a workshop on Resilience a participant described me as confident during our conversation on SOBs and I asked her to expand on what observable behaviours brought her to this conclusion. She expanded on how my story in the opening, where I shared a vulnerable experience and my learning from it, exhibited my confidence and increased my credibility.

In the #podcast episode I reflect on an experience I had where someone sought to manipulate me because of my vulnerability; I share more about that in social media and I am planning an entire blog post on the subject in a few weeks.


This week's Quick Tips: Do the work so you can be very clear about your values; what matters to you. Your values can be a helpful guide.

Next week's SQT (Spring Quick Tip); the Hint: when we demand our rights are we confusing them with privilege?

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