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Rox is meeting 30 to 35 year-olds where YOU are and walking with YOU to where YOU want to be.

Hosted by Roxanne "Rox" Bartel, this podcast uses stories and tips to support your thinking and exploration to help you navigate your career and life.

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Sep 3, 2018

Don't hurry into movement, for progress doesn't come out of your actions, it more often is the result of the process in your thinking, mindset and willingness to make adjustments.

Taking an experimental approach opens your thinking, perspective and options. Don't close your generative spirit off with too rigid a plan OR by believing your first move must dictate your second, third and fourth. 

This week's Quick Tips: Action and preparation in balance are NOT the way to progress, instead it comes out of a humble, open curiosity and a willingness to continuously and vigilantly learn and shift in your approach. Meaningful constant progress requires you to #dothework to be #selfaware enough to elicit and value different perspectives to support your move forward.

Next week's SQT (Summer Quick Tip); the Hint:  What if?....the audacity of curiousity

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