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Hosted by Roxanne "Rox" Bartel, this podcast uses stories and reflection questions to support deeper thinking and exploration for listeners.

Rox walks with her clients, helping them contribute more and expand their influence, while enjoying the journey as they uncover patterns and habits that impede or inspire the future they seek. Her focus is on expanding awareness - self-awareness - and a deeper understanding of our impact in and on the world.

In 2021 she is focusing on resilience; why, how and what to do to expand it so we can make the most of the post-pandemic world we crave. 

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Dec 16, 2019

My theme this week is: the wheel of our life.

Our life is not lived in a static environment. It is overwhelmingly dynamic. Continuously rolling along, in fact. 

We must fight the common bias that suggests what is today will always be the case. That bias can be distressing and misleading.

Today's tip: by living a fully engaged life, allowing all the rich feelings and experiences to impact, we must both endure and embrace the entire turn of the wheel. It is a gift...


The hint for next week: are you happy in your holiday experience or happy about you holiday experience?   


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