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Nov 27, 2015

The key point this week is "Don't leave "em hang'n".

When people are left to make sense of the direction given by a leader, you will find you all end up somewhere you had no intention of going.

AND yet we continue to leave people feeling unsettled and unclear on what is expected of them, how they are doing and how to be better.

In my experience, no one wants to perform badly--NO ONE!  Some of my clients tell me they don't always trust employees to do the right thing or even to use their own judgement.  I suggest that as leaders we need to figure out how to be a positive influence so people can perform at their best AND then acknowledge them for doing so.

In today's episode I talk about how important it is for leaders to articulate what is expected and break down complex concepts into manageable steps or plans.

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Hey a big shout-out to Rob and Greg for my new theme music.  I continue to dance around each week as I put together the new episode. I am so thrilled and I have appreciated the lovely comments about the music.