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Sep 4, 2015

Want out of a box you built around you?  In Episode #10 I explore the Learner and Judger Mode and how to remove the barriers you put on yourself by choosing Learner Mode.

It may help to remember we move between these modes during the day switching back and forth depending on a variety of things.  If you are in Judger Mode in any part of your life you are likely able to sustain Learner Mode in another.  Examining how you stay there in one area will help you figure out how to sustain it throughout your life more of the time. 

It is a choice.  When we are consciously aware of how we are being and how we are reacting to things we are better able to make choices that take us where we want to be.  AND it helps us BE who we want to BE. 

If you are ready to figure all of this out and want a thinking partner, I'd love to work with you.  I have a variety of packages and programs geared to help women in leadership roles find clarity, vision, purpose and a plan so they can bring their best to a workplace where they need to bring out the best in others.

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Next Week:  The fifth and closing episode on Mindset--The Leader’s Dilemma.

Have a kickass day!