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Aug 21, 2015

How are your limiting beliefs embedding a mindset that is getting in your way?

A limiting belief is often a “should” or “shouldn’t” statement.  I should be willing to sacrifice as a leader.  I should listen to everyone’s perspective before I decide my own.  I shouldn’t speak my mind when it isn’t appreciated.  I am being selfish when I act on my own needs when it impacts others. 

I suggest you (and I) stop “shoulding” on ourselves!  We make the best decision based on the information we have.  Frankly no one can make their best decision when they are caught in a mindset based on limiting beliefs.

Limiting Beliefs are powerful.  You will often find they sprout out of stereotypes or deeply embedded biases so watch for any of those that may be behind your thinking or behaviour.  A limiting belief is so deeply embedded into your subconscious that you act on it with conviction without even thinking about it.  These beliefs make it easier for you to make decisions, navigate a day and feel comfortable with the difficulties of life.  They DO NOT serve you though.  They only control you, limit you and hold you back.


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Next Week:  The Growth and Fixed Mindset.  What makes you want to stay fixed and comfortable rather than embracing the possibilities of growth? After all that’s where all the opportunity is.