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Aug 28, 2015

When you are stuck in a FIXED mindset you are vulnerable.  Vulnerable to the words and actions of others.  You accept what is said by others as truth—you attribute motives to the actions of others differently.


Being FIXED simply means you accept limits and define yourself within them.  I am smart—but just this smart.  I am capable—and then when you encounter an obstacle you can’t easily overcome, you question whether you REALLY are capable.  For example in a FIXED mindset you believe you have a fixced amount of intelligence, ability or strength. These define you.


On the other hand when you have a Growth mindset, a challenge is seen as an opportunity to learn something new and expand your competence, even if you make mistakes along the way.  This results in greater resilience and exponential growth in strength and ability.


Those with a fixed mindset may have a higher IQ (technically) and even a lot of talent and yet they will limit themselves because they give up more easily.  They start to believe their inability to do something MUST be because they aren't smart enough, capable enough or talented enough for the particular project or task.  They think the task must be beyond them when they can’t see the answer quickly enough.  The person who is faced with challenges early and is willing to see them as opportunities for learning and growth will far exceed their own expectations.


This is such a rich topic.  Lots more to explore in the  Blog Post that accompanies this podcast and feel free to share your learning, comments or questions.


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