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Rox is meeting 30 to 35 year-olds where YOU are and walking with YOU to where YOU want to be.

Hosted by Roxanne "Rox" Bartel, this podcast uses stories and tips to support your thinking and exploration to help you navigate your career and life.

Contact Rox for a complimentary exploratory conversation OR Join in on one of her ASK ROX RoundTables for a spirited conversation about YOUR career. 

Nov 12, 2018

This week's theme: Adaptation

To be continuously relevant you must learn to adapt.

Adaptation is far bigger than the goals you've set or the destination you covet. Adaptation is the process that will help you become who you want to be and it's the process that will get you to where you've always wanted to be in your...

Nov 5, 2018

This week's theme: Reflection

When you are able to reflect instead of react, you'll find you turn every situation into an opportunity to learn and grow. Being able to do THIS will allow you to create a progressive career.

This week's Quick Tip: When challenges or obstacles are blocking you from getting to where you want...

Oct 29, 2018

This week's theme: Story

 "Great Leaders are exceptional storytellers,"- Jamie Dimon, Board chair & CEO - JP Morgan Chase

Whether you are seeking to grow your influence in the workplace or the community, lean into learning more about your own signature stories. WHY? Well because they're driving your behaviours...

Oct 22, 2018

This week's theme: Attention

What draws your attention? Are you taking note AND are you taking responsibility for it? Fix your eyes where you want to go. You'll find your way to get where you want to be is far clearer when you do. 

This week's Quick Tip: Start by taking note and developing awareness of what's drawing or...

Oct 15, 2018

This week's theme: Connecting

Enhancing your self-awareness is an inward process. AND YET, in this week's theme I intend to focus on how the inner journey represents itself in the presence YOU bring to the world.

This week's Quick Tip: To be truly self-aware, check your presence. It may seem to be an...