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Hosted by Roxanne "Rox" Bartel, this podcast uses stories and reflection questions to support deeper thinking and exploration for listeners.

Rox walks with her clients, helping them contribute more and expand their influence, while enjoying the journey as they uncover patterns and habits that impede or inspire the future they seek. Her focus is on expanding awareness - self-awareness - and a deeper understanding of our impact in and on the world.

In 2021 she is focusing on resilience; why, how and what to do to expand it so we can make the most of the post-pandemic world we crave. 

Contact Rox for a complimentary exploratory conversation or examine her workshop on building the skills to be resilient. Links to connect are available in all show notes. 

Jul 21, 2021

Putting tenacity to the test is the best way to build it.

A detailed plan, rather than goals fuels tenacity.

2021 theme: resilience
July topic: Tenacity
Weekly Focus: a plan fuels tenacity 
Reflective Question: how do I generate my capacity for tenacity when it is most critical?
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Jul 14, 2021

What do blisters bring? A meaningful insight into what we love to do.

What we are willing to push through to achieve.

2021 theme: resilience
July topic: Tenacity
Weekly Focus: Blisters Bring IT
Reflective Question:  about what am I so passionate that I don't feel or mind the blisters?
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Jul 7, 2021

When are you able to call on the most tenacious elements of your spirit?

How does knowing you can help you face difficult moments?

2021 theme: resilience
July topic: Tenacity
Weekly Focus: Determination when Needed
Reflective Question: what conditions do I need to maximize my capacity to be tenacious?
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Jun 30, 2021

What's your emotional default reaction?

In both cases, the Catholic leader in Saskatchewan and Minister Bennett, I want to ask: "what were you thinking?" The fact is, in both cases they weren't. They are culpable for their actions but they clearly weren't thinking.

2021 theme: resilience
June topic: Critical Thinking

Jun 22, 2021

We are collectively much smarter - "2 heads are better than 1".

2021 theme: resilience
June topic: Critical Thinking
Weekly Focus: diversity generates critical thinking
This week's question for reflection:  how has keeping diverse voices and perspectives around me helped me make better decisions?
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