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Dec 4, 2015

The dance of leadership requires discernment skills and a willingness to trust others. You need to hire the right people and then trust them to bring their best work.

Unfortunately as a newly promoted leader you will often struggle to feel confident enough in yourself to set expectations and trust your employees. AND yet, this is exactly the relationship you need to develop with your people to BE an accomplished leader and the sooner you are willing to set it and let it go, the more successful and respected you will be.

Hey a big shout-out to Rob and Greg for my theme music.  I have a new Friday morning ritual which includes taking a few minutes to dance to my kickass theme music.  I have also set the music as my ring tone and it is fun to see how it turns heads.

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Next time: the fifth in the series and the fourth domain that may trigger the amygdala...the dreaded silo effect.

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