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Well-being adds value. Is overall #well-being in short supply?

In 2022 why not make it a priority. Perhaps it will offer an advantage.

Hosted by Roxanne "Rox" Bartel, this podcast in 2022 focuses on interventions, stories and reflections on how we can all expand our well-being and inspire the same in others around us.

Rox walks with her clients, offering an "all you could need" in coaching services at a flat monthly rate with the mission of expanding our individual and collective well-being.

Contact Rox for a complimentary exploratory conversation before deciding to sign up for #Well-Being Expansion. Links in every set of show notes and on Rox's LinkedIn.

Dec 16, 2022

"Curiosity has its own reason for existing."  - Albert Einstein

Who are you? How do you know? 

If you know yourself through your stories, experiences or accomplishments, is this knowledge limited to certain parts of your story or the entire being that is you?

Who we are or who we believe our self to be, determines our patterns, decisions and even our beliefs. Being aware of what motivates us or grabs our attention is essential to understanding who we are.

How well do you know yourself? What if your feelings of wellbeing, that dictate the quality of your life, are also determined by how well you allow yourself to be seen? That starts with knowing who you are!

Self awareness is a core competency in leadership. With deeper self-awareness, compassion, and empathy, meaningful success is more attainable.

Walk with me and we'll explore how to expand your agency by building efficacy, optimism and imagination. Be fiercely responsible and accountable in meaningful ways. Build the capacity to examine your own thinking to turn every challenge into growth for a career and life you love.

How will examining your own thinking processes improve your own feelings of wellbeing? A Coach, as thinking partner, can help you see your metacognition, allowing you to leverage it for greater success in any endeavour.

Walk with me: 
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CORRECTION: The Richard Power's book I references is actually called "Bewilderment".