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Sep 25, 2015

Going through the motions in your conversations?  Or thinking your charm, knowledge or expertise will be enough?

Conversation is an art form.  Some might even suggest there is an art and a science to it…. I have come to see that conversation is a competency…one you can develop and improve with awareness, reflection and practice.  Yes we have transactional conversations every day…”Hello How are you?  What’s Up?  Thanks…have a good day.”

As a leader it will serve you well to develop your conversational competence to a transformative level.  It is not easy and you will make mistakes and maybe even cringe to yourself, "did I just say that?".  And you will learn from it and move forward to improve.

Since it is part of every day, every relationship and is a required element of every component of your career…is it worth an investment?  Your decision…your relationships…your life and your career …

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Next Week:  The 2nd in the series on conversation when I dig into the ingredients starting with the power and purpose of brining Leadership Presence.

Have a kickass day!