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Well-being adds value. Is overall #well-being in short supply?

In 2022 why not make it a priority. Perhaps it will offer an advantage.

Hosted by Roxanne "Rox" Bartel, this podcast in 2022 focuses on interventions, stories and reflections on how we can all expand our well-being and inspire the same in others around us.

Rox walks with her clients, offering an "all you could need" in coaching services at a flat monthly rate with the mission of expanding our individual and collective well-being.

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Aug 7, 2015

What to do when a Toxic Person Joins the Team?

Don’t give the Toxic Person too much oxygen!  Figuratively speaking of course.

Your toxic person may not be toxic to everyone.  If however, it is impacting the team performance you may not be alone.  AND you, as a leader, must do something about it. Let’s step back and review a few things.

Many women feel they need to take responsibility for the feelings of others.  Some think we are socialized to this and that may be so.  Regardless, when anyone assumes responsibility for the feelings of others they give up a part of who they are and deprive, yes, deprive the team, group, community of their unique contribution.  

Toxic people feed on your need to make everyone feel better; don’t give them the power to define who you are—that can’t happen without your permission!

In the blog post connected to this podcast—on my website –I explore the toxic person as a peer, as a boss and as a direct report.  I touch on another story and some of the techniques I used to prepare for a particularly difficult encounter with a toxic person.


Feel free to leave a comment or question on the blog post AND I invite you to listen to my podcast next week when I begin a series on Mindset. We'll be starting from a big picture perspective.  Over the series we'll explore why brains and talent don't always result in sucess AND how they can sometimes get in the way.